We find the following external links to be entertaining and informative.

Canadian Federal Government Debt Clock : A website developed by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to show the growing Canadian national debt.  To summarize, the total Federal debt is about 912 billion, growing at 940 million per day, or 39 million per hour. The Ontario provincial debt is about 362 Billion.

Debt Per Person:  According to the website, the total debt per Ontarian is 49,0001. The 2020 income per Canadian 2 is 48,000 according to Wikipedia.

The Knowledge Bureau:  Good source of Canadian tax education


  1. According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, each Canadian's share of the Federal debt is 24,000, and each Ontarian's share of the Ontario provincial debt is 25,000.
  2. Nominal GDP is assumed to be a good measure of income for this comparison.